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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thapar University Admission Physics Microbiology Mathematics and Computing

Thapar University Admission


TU offers following MSc programmes of two years duration (4 Semesters):

(i) MSc (Biotechnology)
(ii) MSc (Chemistry)
(iii) MSc (Mathematics and Computing)
(iv) MSc (Microbiology)
(v) MSc (Physics)
The entrance examination will be of 1.5 hours duration. The question paper shall consist of 75 multiple choice questions divided into three sections viz. Section I, Section II and Section III. All questions will be of Level of B.Sc. (10+2+3).
Section I will have questions from Chemistry and would be compulsory section to be answered by all candidates. Section II will have questions from Mathematics and Physics while Section III will have questions from Biology. The candidates have an option to answer questions from either Section

1. Small drops of water assume spherical shape because
(a) Water having low density (b) Surface tension
(c) Viscosity (d) density
2. Chemical reaction takes place at the anode is
(a) Reduction (b) oxidation
(c) Ionization (d) hydrolysis
3. Which of the following compound will give a hydrocarbon on treatment with Grignard’s reagent?
(a) Ethyl Alcohol (b) Formaldehyde
(c) Acetaldehyde (d) Acetone

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About Thapar University
Thapar University, a premier engineering university, funded and approved by University Grant Commission (UGC) under the section 3 of UGC act, was known as Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology before 2007.
The institute offers undergraduate programmes leading to Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree and postgraduate programmes leading to Master of Engineering (M.E.), Master of Software Engineering, Master of Technology (M.Tech.), Master of Science (M.Sc.), Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), and Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degrees. In addition, industry-oriented and practice-based Master's degree programmes are offered in collaboration with TTTI, Chandigarh. Students have to take the AIEEE exam to get admission into Thapar University for the undergraduate program and students take the MET exam for admission into graduate/postgraduate programmes.

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