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Sunday, April 10, 2011

GUJCET 2011 Syllabus Mathematics Biology Physics Chemistry

GUJCET 2011 Syllabus


1. Straight Lines and Family of Straight Lines
2. Circles
3. Parabola
4. Ellipse
5. Hyperbola
6. 3D-Geometry
7. Vectors
8. Limits and its Applications
9. Differentiations and its Applications
10. Indefinite Integration
11. Definite Integration
12. Differential Equations


1. Water Relation of Plants
2. Mineral Nutrition
3. Photosynthesis
4. Respiration
5. Animal Nutrition and Digestive System of Cockroach & Humans
6. Respiration in Animals
7. Circulation in Animals
8. Excretion and Osmoregulation in Animals
9. Movement and Locomotion in Animal
10. Nervous System of Cockroach and Humans
11. Human Endocrine System
12. Reproduction in Flowering Plants
13. Growth and Development in Plants
14. Reproduction and Development in Animals
15. Growth, Regeneration and Ageing
16. Organism and their Environment
17. Natural Resources : Their Kinds and Sources
18. Pollution and its Control
19. Biological Resources and Biodiversity
20. Population – Environment and Development
21. Food Production
22. Immunity and Human Health
23. Modern Methods of Diagnosis


1. Static Electricity
2. Current Electricity and its Effects
3. Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
4. Electromagnetic Waves and Optics
5. Dual Nature of Radiations and Matter, Atom and Nucleus
6. Semiconductor Electronics and Communication


1. Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding
2. Solid State
3. Solution
4. Thermodynamics
5. Electrochemistry
6. Chemical Kinetics
7. Surface Chemistry
8. p-Block Elements
9. d- and f-Block Elements
10. Coordination Compounds
11. Nuclear Chemistry
12. Stereochemistry
13. Alcohols, Phenol and Ether
14. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
15. Nitrocompounds
16. Polymer Substances
17. Biomolecules
18. Chemistry in Everyday Life

GUJCET is the abbreviated name of Gujarat Common Entrance Test for admission to Medical, Engineering and Pharmacy colleges in Gujarat state. The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board has been assigned to hold the Common Entrance Test – GUJCET for admission to 1st year Degree in these fields after Std. XII Science Stream.

Note: Don’t be confused between GUJCET and GCET. GCET is (Gujarat Common Entrance Test) held for admission to MBA and MCA study while GUJCET is held for admission to Medical, Engineering and Pharmacy colleges in Gujarat state.

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