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Sunday, April 10, 2011

DHSE 2011 2nd Year Exam Sociology Model Paper

DHSE 2nd Year Sociology Model Exam Paper 2011

Model Examination -2011
1.The nature of indusvalley civilization is ————— Justify your answer (2) (Rural, Urban, Semi rural,Primitive)
2.One caste ,one religion one God for man what lead Sree Narayana Guru state like this.Do you think that his effort were fruitful (4)
3.Find the odd one (Communalism , castiesm, regionalism, secularism) (1)
4.The father’s sister get more respect than mother—- name such type of kinship usage. (1)
5.There are many features common to most religions in India inspite of diversities in customs and beliefs—Identify (3)
6.Analyse the significance of caste in contemporary society (5)
7.Narrate the rites , rituals and ceremonies associated with a marriage that you have attended. (4)

8.Reena belonged to nuclear family. After marriage she lived with her husband in a joint family. Identify the problems she faced in the joint family (4)
9.Ramu’s father living in village. He is not interested to live with Ramu living in city, Are you interested to live in village ? Give your own justification and compare it with that of urban life (4)
10.Islamic culture influenced Hindu society and culture and be influenced in turn- Analyse (5)
11.Recently in many parts of India dowry deaths are increasing – Analyse the evil effects of dowry system in this context. (5)
12.Tribal strike again in Attapady to restore their land “A news report found in daily”.with reference to this:
a) Analyse the major problems of tribals
b) Suggest the measure to solve that their problems (8)
13.1650 languages and dialects are spoken in our country. On the basis of this statement explain language families in India. (5)
14.In the modern society women are getting equal status with men in all fields of life . Do you agree. Justify your answer (6)

15.Differentiate varna from caste (5)
16.Tamilians were attached in many parts of India after the assassination of Rajeev Ghandhi.What might be the reason for such an incident ? Suggest suitable measures to minimize such problems in future. (5)
17.The backward class community as a whole are enjoying some sort of reservation benefits all over India. Is it necessary ? Give your own justification in the light of major suggestions made by the Mandal Commission. (6)
18.Classify them as per the table Brother,Grand father, Mother,Brother-in-laws,Wife,Father’s sister,Sister, Wives sister’s son Primary kinship Secondary kinship Tertiary kinship (3)
19.Balan a member of the pulaya community told his son that when he was a child there was no freedom for pulaya to enter a school or temple.
a) What is the name of that social practice ?
b) How it was abolished ? (4)

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