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Monday, April 4, 2011

Allahabad University MSc Entrance Exam Syllabus Sample Questions


Application Form for MSc in Cognitive Science is available

Entrance Exam for MSc admissions will be held on June 11, 2010

Application Fees :
For outstation candidates (those applying from outside of Allahabad): 550 INR
For local candidates (those applying from Allahabad): 500 INR
Note : Payment is accepted only through Demand Drafts. Draft to be drawn in favor of 'CBCS' payable at Allahabad.

Entrance Test Syllabus and pattern

Duration : 3 hours
Test centers : Allahabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata
The Test will consists of two Sections. The first Section will consist of objective questions and will cover the following areas:
A. English Comprehension
B. General Reasoning
C. Numerical Ability
D. Principles of Computing
E. Principles of Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience
The second Section will consist of descriptive long answer type questions in the areas of Cognitive Psychology, Computer Science, Linguistics, Neuroscience and Philosophy.

Principles of Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience

Cognitive Psychology
Perceptual processes, object recognition, attention, working memory, long-term memory, different types of long-term memory, mental imagery, language comprehension and production, language development, problem solving, decision making and cognitive development.
Structure of neurons, glial cells, action potential, synapse, synaptic transmission, neurotransmitters, anatomical organization of the nervous system, sensory systems, neural basis of learning and memory.

Sample Questions for Master Programme Entrance Test
Section A:
Objective type questions
English Comprehension: Fill in the blanks
1. It does not _________who wins the war because everything that comes in the way of the advancement of ________ will come to an end.
(a) Care …… science (b) decide ….nations (C) matter ….. humanity (d) important …..civilization
Numerical Ability
2. What is the greatest 3-digit figure, which is a full square and may be divisible by 10, 15, or 25?
(a) 256 (b) 400 (c) 625 (d) 900
General Reasoning
3. If DOCTOR is coded as FQEVQT, then PATIENT will be coded as?
Principles of Computing
4. The decimal number 65535 is represented in hexadecimal as:
(a) oxFFFF (b) oxFFF (c) oxFFFFF (d) oxFFFFFF
Principles of Psychology and Neuroscience
5. Which one of the following is not correctly paired?
(a) Hypothalamus - Drives (b) Limbic System - Neural control of emotions (c) Spinal Cord - Reflexes (d) Parietal lobe - Hearing

Section B:
Descriptive Answer - type questions (300-400 words)
1. Is thought possible without language? Comment.
2. Discuss in brief, the process of neural transmission?
3. Discuss different types of memory in humans.

Entrance Exam for MSc admissions will be held on June 11, 2011
An Interview is conducted for applicants who qualify the written test (in the month of July). The interview is both technical and personal.
Train ticket (II sleeper non AC) by the shortest route from your residence to Allahabad, which is refundable by the Centre on production of original (used)/photocopy of the unused train/Bus tickets on the date of Interview (if he/she called for the Interview).

About Allahabad University
On September 23, 1887 the University of Allahabad, the fourth modern University of India after the Universities of Calcutta, Bombay and Madras (all established in 1857), was incorporated, on the pattern of its predecessors, as an Affiliating and Examining body. (The University of Punjab at Lahore, founded earlier in 1882, is now in Pakistan.) The headquarters of the University, i. e. Allahabad (known as Prayaga from hoary antiquity), had (apart from its ageless importance as the Tirtharaja) won renown in the pre-British period as a nucleus of learning (Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic and secular), governance and trade. The British cultivated the city, after wresting it from the Nawab of Awadh in 1801, as a key administrative, military and commercial centre, and made it the capital of the North-Western Provinces (except during 1836-58, when the capital was at Agra) and later of the United Provinces (UP). From the early years of British rule, the new kinds of professional and economic opportunities that developed here drew talents to the city from all over India. and by the mid-nineteenth century, Allahabad had emerged as a hub of traditional and modern intellectual and educational activities. From the 1870s, it also steadily grew in stature as a key node of nationalism in northern India. The establishment of the Muir Central College (MCC) here in 1872, as an affiliate of the University of Calcutta, placed the city on the map of modern higher education as well. Within a decade of its founding, the MCC had become second only to the Presidency College (Calcutta) in terms of the academic accomplishments of its teachers and students.
The repute of the MCC strengthened the claim of Allahabad to be the seat of the new University that was being planned to relieve the University of Calcutta of the burden of supervising education in northern and central India and to address the educational needs of the region in keeping with its special cultural flavour and social conditions. The University of Allahabad took over from the University of Calcutta an extensive territorial jurisdiction covering the present day States of Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, and the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Through its affiliated Colleges, the University provided graduate and Post-graduate instruction and (from the 1890s) opportunities for research in the Faculties of Arts, Science and Law, and later set up the Faculties of Engineering (in 1896, for a short period), Medicine (in1911, but the Faculty was disbanded in 1921, upon the transfer of King George’s Medical College to Lucknow University) and Commerce (in 1913). The University was also responsible for conducting the Matriculation (High School) and Intermediate Examinations in the vast territory assigned to it up to 1921, when this function was assigned to newly-established Boards of Secondary Education in UP and other Provinces.
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